Choosing the Best Long Beach Airport Transportation Service

Getting efficient and pocket friendly transportation service at Long Beach airport is easy as they are a variety of options available for you. When you land or want to go to the airport be sure about doing some research on the available transport services in order to select the one best suited for you. Some of the options include:

Airport shuttle services: These are vans that cater for your transport services to and from the airport by picking you up and dropping you off at your desired destination. They are quite convenient cost wise as you can decide to take a shared van and pay part of the fare or if you are in a group you can take a private van and dictate where it is headed at any time. These shuttle services also have provisions for wheelchairs for disabled people and surf boards for those wishing to enjoy surfing along the long beach.

Taxi services: The long beach airport transportation service is very technologically advanced and efficient. The bookings for pickups can be made prior to your arrival to ensure you have reliable transport. The booking ensures you are given an approximate fare through the fare estimators. Cab services are the best choice for tourists and locals who do not want to worry about parking spaces and charges. The services are also equipped with provisions to handle wheelchairs and long surf boards to ensure your ultimate comfort. For companies and businesses, corporate services are available and discount memberships for corporate accounts are also available.

Light rail: The long beach light rail transportation system is well advanced and has 6 Metrorail that have trains running from early in the morning to midnight or past midnight depending on how busy the route is. The long beach area’s transportation is linked with one rail that has a terminal at the airport. Rail transport can be kind of cumbersome for tourists who do not know where to pay for the tickets and where to board trains for different locations. The trains run during the day at intervals of about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day. The train stations have bicycle parking racks and lockers for those who have use cycles or lockers.

Bus transport: The bus transportation is far better than rail transport as it has more than 30 travel routes and you can basically visit anywhere using the blue line transit bus and the free passport bus can get you to connection points with the metro rail and terminals of the transit bus. The reliability of the bus service is not guaranteed although the transit bus has scheduled trips, delays are can occur and that maybe when you are in a hurry.


You will see that services are ideal in their own way, but if you want to enjoy the best of Long Beach airport transportation services, Fiesta Taxi is an excellent choice. Visit to book a cab service that will be ideal, pocket friendly and tailor made to ensure you are comfortable and reach your doorstep safely.

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