Pleasures Of A Lake Cumberland Resort

If you travel into south-central Kentucky, you may soon find yourself on the shores of Lake Cumberland. When you do so, it is more than highly likely that you will find yourself wanting to linger for a few days. When this happens – and it will, you should check out the possibility of staying in a Lake Cumberland resort. If this is your first time here, it is, in fact, a great way to introduce you to the pleasures of the region.

Lake Cumberland: A Brief History

Lake Cumberland was constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The original intent was to build a dam to be named Wolf Creek Reservoir. Work gone under way in the 1920s but did not end until 1952. By 1954, Wolf Creek Reservoir had become Lake Cumberland.

During the project, several towns had to adapt. In Burnside alone, some 600 residents were forced to leave their homes behind. They picked up their belongings and moved to the other parts of the town or left the area all together. Those who remained in the area were hopeful of a change for the better in their economy.

It took time, but soon people began to consider the area on and around the Lake a tourist destination. First one Lake Cumberland resort appeared than others followed. The area began to cater to the tourists who arrived. The Lake began to be where houseboats could be purchased or rented for the summer months. This, in turn encouraged the construction of house boats locally, adding further money into the local coffers. Lake Cumberland became the “House Boat Capital of the World.”

Lake Cumberland Pleasures

If you stay at a Lake Cumberland resort, you can spend time enjoying pleasures that happen both on and off the lake. If you decide the water is where you and your family want to spend some time, consider the following options:

* Renting a house boat to spend a night on the water. It is, after all, the lake’s specialty
* Rent watercraft to sail up, down or around the lake. Venture into hidden coves or set it to anchor
* Jet ski or rent other forms of personal water craft
* Go fishing for bass, bluegill, crappie, rockfish and/or walleye
* Go swimming
* Sunbathe

If your interests are on land, staying at a Lake Cumberland resort allows you to have access to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park with its several miles of hiking trails. You can also go further inland to General Burnside State Park, Daniel Boone National Forest or Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. You can also take part in golfing and go on shopping expeditions. In fact, when you come stay at a Lake Cumberland resort, the pleasures truly is all yours.

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