Popular Highlights on your Cruise to Alaska

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Tourism career

If you are considering an Alaskan cruise there will be many exciting highlights for you to enjoy. Here is a brief overview of some of the sights and experiences you will have to look forward to on your cruise to Alaska.

A Visit to Ketchikan
Ketchikan is famous for its shopping and restaurants and will be a nice break from the ruggedness of your trip. You can indulge in some great grub and shop along Creek Street. This was once the infamous red light district and is well known as it is built on pilings that are actually over the water. You will also find tours of scenic hot spots such as Misty Fjords and Tongas National Forest. The only downside to this stop is that it is considered one of the rainiest cities in the United States.

Alaska’s Capital: Juneau
Juneau is the capital of Alaska but is far from a bustling city. It offers a glimpse into Alaskan life with restaurants and shops placed against a stunning backdrop. You can enjoy activities including kayaking and canoeing and take a hike that will bring you closer to the Mendenhall Glacier. There is a tramway and of course some great honky tonks and saloons for a touch of Alaska night life.

The Goldrush
Towns such as Skagway played a key role in the history of the gold rush and was a major passage to the Klondike. You can take a Gold rush tour as well as visit the White Pass and Yukon Railroad to get a taste of what spectators would have seen and experienced on their journey. There is also plenty of shopping not to mention stunning photo ops for your cruise to Alaska photo album.

A Touch of Russian and Tlingit Culture
Alaska is rich in history as well as shares an interesting fabric of cultures that worked together to build this lovely state. There are still lovely sites to behold left behind from both the Russians as well as the Tlingit Native American Indians. You can visit sites such as The Russian Bishop’s House and St. Michael’s Cathedral to learn more about the Russian influences and also visit Clan House and Totem Park to understand more about the native people of the area.

As you can see on your luxury cruise to visit Alaska there are many things waiting for you to experience. You will see both the majestic beauty of the North Pacific as well as learn about the history of the people who helped build this still wild and beautiful land.


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