Three Reasons Public Transportation is the Right Choice

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Travel

If you have been grumbling about the rising price of gas and the endless line of traffic to and from work you might want to finally decide to bite the bullet and begin to take public transit. Although it might seem like an unimaginable option for you, here are three reasons it might not be as hard as you think:

1. Economical Transportation: There is no comparison between the cost of driving to work and taking public transit. It is by far the most economical transportation choice. The fees are dependable and do not fluctuate like gas prices. You will save even more if you opt to purchase a monthly pass and can even use it on weekends or in the evenings which will prove even more economical. You may even see a decrease in your auto insurance if you can show you use your car less often or are reducing your mileage travelled each day.

2. Ample Parking: If you feel you are too far out of town to use public transit you can opt to drive to the closest station and then take transit the rest of the way. There are many parking options available to both area residents and non-residents alike. Residents can opt to use non-reserved parking for free by applying for a residence sticker. They can also opt to use a paid for reserved parking spot on a monthly basis. Non-residents parking is available with daily or monthly rates and if you work longer hours you can pay for 24 hour parking to avoid a ticket. All fees are very reasonable and still provide an economical transportation option compared to driving all the way to work.

3. Vanpool or Carpool Options: If you do not like the idea of travelling on public transit you may want to consider speaking to people at the office or to public transit to let them know you are interested in joining a van or car pool. These services accommodate groups of 8 to 15 people and allow them to share the cost of the van or car. This is an excellent option as it is more private and is still a very economical transportation option.

As you can see public transit has many options to make it a perfect choice for more economical transportation to and from work.

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