To Reasons to Take a Borneo Holiday

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

Whether you plan to travel alone or need to book a holiday for the entire family, Borneo is the place to go for true adventure and fun. A Borneo holiday can allow you and those travelling with you to enjoy the beauty of the remote jungle, tribal cultures, and tropical oddities found there. Many luxury accommodation options are cost-effective and easy to book. When you want to enjoy a holiday unlike any other while enriching yourself with knowledge about a different culture, this is the place you should go.


Borneo cuisine is often cooked using the same methods and local ingredients that were used by locals hundreds of years ago. Every single meal you eat during your Borneo holiday is a taste of history, and many of the local spices used make every new meal uniquely delicious. In addition to culturally significant dishes, you can also try many options with Indian, Malay, and Chinese influences.

The fact that many dishes are seasoned using spices that are only found in the rainforests means you can taste completely new flavors. If you choose to meet with any of the locals and make new friends, it can be a great idea to ask them about their favorite dishes.


Borneo locals are exceptionally welcoming to travelers, especially if you are there to get a taste of life in that part of the world. Many people who live in Borneo live the same type of lifestyle that has been practiced for a millennia; much of the bustling, technology-heavy aspects of modern society are not needed for their life to be full. There are absolutely plenty of places in Borneo with modern attractions, including the accommodations available to visitors. However, you need not go far to see local fishing from a hand-made canoe for dinner.

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