Tips For Safety And Heavy Duty Towing In Joliet IL

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Towing Service, Travel

If you drive a commercial truck, van or rig or if you even drive a big dually pick-up truck you may find that you require heavy duty towing in Joliet IL. It is important to realize that not all towing companies are able to tow larger commercial vehicles, especially the 5 ton trucks up to the semi tractors, so be sure to ask the dispatcher what their capacity is for this type of vehicle when you call in.

When you are waiting for the service providing your heavy duty towing Joliet IL it is important for you to stay safe. Many people mistakenly get out of the vehicle and choose unsafe behaviors that can lead to serious injury in the event of any further type of accident. The good news is that almost everyone now owning cell phones there is no need to get out and walk along the road, limiting your risk of possible injury, especially in the darker conditions between sunset and sunrise.

Get Over

Whenever possible try to get your vehicle as far over and even off of the shoulder of the road if it is a level space. However, if you cannot get your vehicle over to the side set your flashers and, when it is safe, get out of the vehicle and stand well over on the side of the road away from any traffic.

Never stand behind or in front of your vehicle no matter where it is stopped. In addition never attempt to step into traffic to direct cars; this is extremely dangerous especially on highways and interstates.

Put Markers Down

Always carry reflector triangles that will stand on their own on any flat surface. Place these at regular intervals behind your vehicle on the shoulder of the road to notify drivers of the fact that your vehicle is stopped.

Also put on your flashers and, if it is night, use road flares if you have them. Not only will this help other drivers to realize that your vehicle isn’t moving but they will also be easily seen by the driver for your heavy duty towing in Joliet IL.

This will allow the driver time to change lanes and get into position to pull in front of your vehicle to hook you up for the tow. Stand well to the side and let the driver handle the loading or towing of your vehicle, they know just what to do. For more information on heavy duty towing in Joliet IL visit

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