Are You Ready for the Challenges of Climbing Kili?

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Travel

Mount Kilimanjaro, often just called “Kili,” is Africa’s highest mountain, and also the tallest trekkable mountain in the world. For those reasons and many others, people from all walks of life often decide to one day complete the momentous climb. If you’re among them, there are a few factors to pay attention to before setting out on your journey. Planning ahead about climbing Kili can make it easier to intelligently handle the challenges you’ll face, rather than becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

Altitude Differences While Climbing Kili

Besides the demands of hiking up the mountain for durations that could last as long as a couple of weeks, you need to prepare your body for acclimating to the high altitude. Train yourself in advance by gradually increasing the altitudes at which you hike beforehand.

Despite careful preparation, you’ll likely experience at least mild to medium altitude sickness. Reputable and experienced guides should be able to let you know how to best cope with the symptoms and assist with evacuations to lower elevations when necessary. With that in mind, don’t be overly fearful of altitude sickness. Just realize it’s a possibility, and work hard to prepare yourself as much as you can prior to the day you begin Climb Kili.

Hike With Experienced Guides

Although professional climbing ability is not required to make the trek, it could be one of the most dangerous things you do in a lifetime. Minimize risks by choosing to hike with a knowledgeable team that knows the possible dangers of seasonal fluctuations, terrain differences, and route choices.

Mental Strength

After choosing your guide company carefully, start mentally preparing yourself for the rigors that lie ahead. During the trek, expect to feel emotionally taxed to the point where you may even start to question if you’re really able to follow your quest through to completion. When doubts start to creep into your mind, resist them by focusing on your ultimate goal rather than all the obstacles you must still overcome. Mental resilience will be helpful whether you’re climbing Kili or getting ready for the trip.

Before you begin this trip of a lifetime, keep the precautions above in mind. That’ll make it easier for you to know what the future holds and how to get ready for it.

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