Bird Watching On The British Virgin Islands

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Travel

The British Virgin Islands consist of some 60 islands sitting in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. From the large island of Tortola (ca 12 mi.) to tiny dots of land sprinkling the water, this group of islands has it all. While many people seek Caribbean villas for rent simply to lay back and enjoy the sun on their faces, others come for the wildlife. Many, in fact, are there to take part in birding.

The British Virgin Islands are home to more than 210 species found in 35 families. Of the Caribbean specialty species, these islands provide home to 10. They also provide shelter for 2 endangered bird species. Among them is the White crowned Pigeon. Some of the species are limited in range while others are more widely found.

Outside Caribbean Villas and Nearby Homes
Bird watching can be undertaken at your leisure. If the villas for rent are in a secluded area, you will be able to see many native species outside your door. They will linger in the lush foliage. Among the birds most commonly seen are:

1. The Green-throated Carib – This is a small shimmering hummingbird
2. The yellow and black Bananaquita – National Bird of the United States Virgin Islands
3. Cattle Egrets
4. Turtle Doves or Mourning Doves – The national Bird of the British Islands
5. The American Kestrel – This is a falcon most commonly spotted soaring over the valleys of these islands as they hunt for prey

Going Further Afield
If you and your friends are not happy with watching from the porches of Caribbean villas, arrange to visit one of the islands national parks. Five suggestions for birders are:

1. Great Tobago Bird Sanctuary on Great Tobago Island – This is the only known nesting place on the British Virgin Islands for the Magnificent Frigatebird.
2. West Dog National Park (Virgin Gorda)– Look for bridled terns and laughing gulls,
3. Sage Mountain National Park (Tortola) – Birds to watch for include the Antillean crested hummingbird, the pearly-eyed thrasher, and the Caribbean Martin
4. Diamond Cay National Park (Jost Van Dyke) – Get your binoculars ready to spot boobies, pelicans and terns

If you are into birding, why not explore the British Virgin Islands? From any of the islands Caribbean villas rental at Greenbank Estate Villas, you can see many of the islands’ treasures. For a wonderful experience, expand your boundaries and set out to explore the bird treasures the island has to offer you.

* Anegada – On Eastern Anegada, the wetlands with their salt ponds are famous for the variety of water fowl including the Magnificent Frigatebird and the newly introduced Caribbean Flamingo

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