Enjoy Natural Beauty with a Cheap Flight to Johannesburg

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Travel

If you have been dreaming about taking a trip to South Africa, it can be helpful to know just what you can expect to experience when you get there. Because Johannesburg is the largest and wealthiest city in the country, it is often the chosen destination for those who are traveling to the area. This makes finding a cheap flight to Johannesburg an essential element to your trip in addition to determining what you would like to do there.

Lion Park

While some may feel as though Lion Park is just like any other zoo you might find, it is actually a different experience you shouldn’t miss. Visitors to this park are able to view wild predators in a natural environment without putting themselves at risk. Some of the draws to the park include lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and hyenas. The park is also home to rare white lions, making it a must-see, especially if you love animals.

Parks and Gardens

There are other ways to enjoy nature when you find a Cheap Flight To Johannesburg. The city is home to Zoo Lake where residents and tourists alike enjoy spending time boating on the lake or enjoying a picnic on the shores of the lake. Many events take place along the lake throughout the year, drawing in visitors to the area. In addition to Zoo Lake, visitors may also enjoy the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens that features beautiful plants, as well as the Witpoortjie waterfall.


Another popular draw to the Johannesburg area is the beaches visitors can enjoy while on holiday. Even if you fly into the city, you can venture out to the coast to enjoy areas, such as Beachview and Blue Horizon Bay. As you tour these areas, you can spend time close to the water, enjoying the numerous activities available, including swimming, horseback riding, hiking and even biking. If you choose to spend time at Beachview, you will enjoy the experience of viewing endangered birds that frequent the area.

A trip to Johannesburg in South Africa can be a wonderful nature-oriented trip for families, couples or individuals. When you find a cheap flight to Johannesburg, you will be headed toward a beautiful destination with plenty to offer, including exquisite natural experiences. Whether you choose to view the animals at Lion Park, spend time in the natural parks and gardens or relax on the beach, you will enjoy this beautiful destination.

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