Evaluating Fear Of Flying Courses

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Travel

People who arrive at our website have a lot of questions about what makes a difference in online fear of flying courses. We think there are several reasons why the courses we offer are ideal for anyone who has a specific fear or general unease or anxiety about flying.

A Different Approach

First, we would like to point out that our online courses and our pre-flight and in-flight consultations are not designed to provide any type of counseling or therapy. Instead, as pilots who have thousands of hours of flying and a combined 75 years of flight experience, we focus in on the facts about pilots, planes, and airline travel.

With that being said, our clients often have a fear of flying that is really a fear of the unknown. After all, most people don’t understand how a plane becomes airborne, or the dynamics of flight and that lack of understanding can lead to fears, doubts, and concerns.

Through our online fear of flying courses, which are delivered live and not via DVD or CD, we cover important and relevant topics such as:

1. How a plane flies
2. Airline regulations
3. What causes turbulence and what pilots do
4. Common aircraft sounds
5. Weather and flying
6. Different types of aircraft
7. Landing and take-off

At the end of your course, you will have the understanding of what to expect during your flight, as well as a much better understanding of the airline industry. We will show you the statistics on how safe flying is, and we can vouch for that as certified Federal Aviation Administration pilots. We have worked for some of the major airlines, and we have the ability to answer your questions about any aspect of flight and aviation.

We can even arrange a flight with you to help to personally explain everything you need to know about the sounds and experiences while you are in the air.

Pre-flight Consultation

One other service we offer our clients is the opportunity for a pre-flight consultation. You can give us a call, and we will have all the information you need about your flight right at our fingertips.

Our online fear of flying courses are very personalized and take flying from an unknown to a known experience. With our FAA licensed pilots, you will become aware of the safety and the professionalism of the airline industry, making it more comfortable for you the next time you travel.

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