Safaris in Kenya – Wild African Safari

by | Jun 2, 2012 | Vacation Travel

   Kenya is one of the wildest South African Destinations to visit and explore beautiful sceneries and wild sports like scuba diving, mountaineering, sky diving etc. Kilimanjaro, the famous and largest African mountain gives you glimpse of beautiful landscapes and snow-capped peaks and are a 6,000 meter high mountain where best games can be played. While you are in Kenya, it’s all about rides and safaris from mountains to hills and from landscapes to valleys. During the safari, you can also enjoy mouth watering delicious African cuisines amidst of mountains and natural beauties. It will undoubtedly turn out to be an experience like never before.

Nairobi, starting point of Kenyan safari where you will lodge a flight and leave for Amboseli National Park, is the wildest and the best park located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It will give you thrilling experience since it’s a beautiful park and mainly since it is located right under the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro, a lifetime experience is awaiting your arrival to explore day long morning and afternoon game viewing drives. Lunch buffets is yet another not-to-be-missed attraction for visitors at Amboseli National Park (two complementary water bottles are provided during the tour) so as to mark your day long outing as even more exciting and extravagant.

Further, it’s time to head towards Maasai Mara Game Reserve for more excitement and sightseeing. After leaving Amboseli National Park and heading for a flight to Maasai Mara Game Reserve at Nairobi Wilson Airport, you will be lodging towards Kenya’s greatest sightseeing location and one of the most famous tourist attractions. You will find yourself transferred to the lodge with Kenya’s most famous attraction a game viewing drive en route to the camp. Then you can have buffet followed by afternoon game viewing drive. It will turn to be a great day long experience at Maasai since you will be able to explore morning and afternoon game viewing drive followed by morning and afternoon meals. Especially during the mid of august-December, it offers special attraction as the migration of wildebeest plays out in the open plains, it proves to be an exceptional and must watch view.

You can explore even more game viewing drives along the plains at Maasai Mara Game Reserve. After the unforgettable day at Maasai had come to an end, it’s time to have early morning breakfast and head towards Nairobi Wilson Airport for departure. It will turn to be a great experience at Kenya since African safaris are famous for its cuisine and its beautiful hills and mountains all over the world. You would want to return again and experience all those stuffs which you did during your last visit.’4 nights and 5 days’ mountains and plains Kenyan safari is perfect outing for those looking to discover wild and extravagant mountaineering and sightseeing experience. Nairobi, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Kenya offers so much to its visitors and it makes your visit to Kenyan Safari a lifetime and unforgettable experience.

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