Planning the Perfect Getaway for the Family

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Travel

One of the hardest parts of planning weekend family getaways is balancing and meeting everyone’s expectations. With a longer trip, it’s almost easier to balance what everyone enjoys over the course of a week, but when you’re trying to fit everything into a single weekend, it can be challenging. Some people want a relaxing vacation, some want an active one with outdoor activities. Some enjoy indoor activities. It can be hard to strike a balance. If you are in the area, you might want to look into The Woodlands, TX as the spot for weekend family getaways.

The reason why The Woodlands poses such an intriguing possibility for a weekend trip is because of all the different possibilities that are on hand once you arrive. Few families are of a single mind on entertainment, so for planning weekend family getaways, a location that provides options and opportunities is key to keeping everyone happy. The Woodlands has shopping for those who prefer it, outdoor activities, and planned events and shows. For example, if part of your family wants to kayak one day, they can; prices are reasonable and the location is gorgeous, and to those who enjoy outdoor activity, few things match the combination of relaxation and awe you get from the simple work of rowing a boat and the beauty of nature around you. It’s not for everyone though; some people prefer to shop, or at least window shop, and even with that, you’d have plenty of options: There’s the mall for modern efficient shopping, or Market Street if you prefer the feel of an open air street lined with shops.

Now let’s be realistic for a moment: One of the best parts of a vacation is that you have an excuse to eat every meal out. It means you get to try different styles of food and cuisine, and no one in the family has to cook it, or clean up after the meal. The break from culinary duty alone can justify weekend family getaways. And that’s another facet that makes The Woodlands the gem that it is: Within a few hours’ drive, you can spend multiple weekends a year there, even if you just go for the evening to enjoy dinner. The Woodlands has a variety of restaurants; to just list the categories of restaurants available would eclipse 20, and there is generally more than one restaurant per category, and that doesn’t even include non-dinner categories like coffee places or bakeries.

For weekend family getaways, try The Woodlands, TX. The Woodlands is a first-class destination for travelers and residents alike in a green environment with over 8 million square feet of shopping, dining, hospitality and entertainment, including more than 460 world-class shops, premiere department stores, and unique boutiques. Entertainment in The Woodlands includes concerts at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and the community is a robust center for culture and entertainment. For more information, contact The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd., The Woodlands, TX 77381. Phone: 877-963-2447 or 281-363-2447 Email: or visit online at

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