Tips to Save Money on a Colorado Family Ski Vacation

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Travel 2013-11-14 10 49 50Colorado family ski trips can get expensive if you don’t know how to plan for savings. Because ski vacations are popular destination choices for many families, ski resorts offer different pricing based on the current demand. The same is true for local hotels and lodges that adjust pricing according to demand. Whether or not you’re travelling with children can affect the number of savings you can get because you may have a limited time window of when you can travel. However, with some preplanning, every family can take advantage of some savings.

Choose the Right Time

The most savings are found off-season when resorts are trying to fill empty spaces. Unfortunately, people with children tend to plan Colorado family ski trips around the same time. This is because trips are often planned around children’s school schedules, and schools often release students for extended vacations during the same weeks. If your family is travelling without small children, then booking off-season will definitely save money.

For families who have to book during the busy season, there are pre-season discounts. These are deals offered in advance to people who book early. You can check with individual resorts for their deals, or let a travel company do all of the legwork to find you the best pre-season prices.

Avoid the Rental Car

It’s not necessary to rent a car on your Colorado family ski trips. Most resorts offer shuttle services, or you can book lodging on site or only a short walk from the slopes. When you book your trip, speak with your travel professional about the shuttle service offered by the ski resort. He or she can tell you which area the shuttle services and how often it runs.

Talk to Your Ski Instructor

Ski instructors are little nuggets of information. They often live in the area and may even work a second job at one of the local restaurants or entertainment venues. If you want to know where there are good deals or good sources of coupons or discounts, ski instructors often know. It’s a good idea to build up a positive rapport with your instructor so that they’re happy to share what they know. You may even be able to get a discount on your next lessons. With a little research, there are plenty of ways to save on Colorado family ski trips.

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