Virtual Tours – Experience Visiting Different Places Right from Your Home

by | Jul 9, 2010 | Tours

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is just a simulation of existing location, generally comprise of a series of video images. The virtual tour may also use multimedia elements like music, effects, text and narration. Virtual tours are generally used for describing a range of photographic and video based media.

In general, panorama indicates an unbroken view as the panorama can either be panning video footage or a series of photographs. However, the phrases “virtual tour” and “panoramic tour” are mostly associated with virtual tours that are created by still cameras. Virtual tours are made up of several shots taken from a sole vantage point. The camera and the lens are generally rotated around the nodal point. The nodal point is actually the back of the lens where the light meets.

Video-Based Virtual Tours

With the increasing use of internet among people, video based virtual tours have also gained a lot of popularity. Video cameras are generally used to offer walk-through subject properties. This method has a major advantage as the point of view constantly changes throughout the pan. However, technical skills and equipment are essentially required for capturing high quality videos. Often, different software products are used for creating media rich virtual tours.

Applications of virtual tours

Virtual tours are generally developed for people who are stuck in office due to work and unable to go and enjoy their vacation. In such a situation, individuals can easily take out few minutes from their work and collect webcam links, travelogues and sites that offer virtual tours. Virtual tours are extensively used in the real estate industry and in universities. It can also allow users to view the environment online.

Different industries use the technology to help market their products and services. In the past few years, the usability, accessibility and quality of virtual tours have also increased considerably. Virtual tours are excellent for older people as they do not have to travel from one place to another.

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