Benefits of Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Moving and Storage Service

As a collector or owner of fine art, there may be times when you need your art securely stored and monitored. For proper storage, handling and monitoring, fine art storage is a great solution.

Climate Controlled Environments

Fine art requires special handling and care, even when it is being stored. One benefit of storage is the option of having your art placed in a climate controlled environment. Climate controlled environments help preserve the quality of fine art. Furthermore, climate controlled environments maintain the integrity of pieces and prevent wear and deterioration.

The highest levels of climate control are that of museum quality. When looking for facilities that offer fine art storage in Los Angeles, museum-quality climate control is an indication that the highest standards will be upheld to maintain an appropriate environment.

Such environments also have humidity control, minimal moisture, and no dust. Innovative technology can automatically maintain temperatures and ensure optimal conditions.

Continuous Monitoring

In addition to climate controlled environments, another benefit of storage is continuous monitoring. Continuous monitoring ensures that art is stored safely and allows for proper maintenance. Monitors can detect any subtle changes in the artwork, thus preventing damage. Moreover, monitors are professionals who have been carefully trained in how to maintain and care for fine art. Their training makes sure that they know exactly what steps to take to keep art well maintained.

Another benefit of continuous monitoring is the prevention of theft. Given its high value, fine art is at risk of being stolen and compromised. Continuous monitoring provides 24-hour surveillance. Knowing that your artwork is held in a safe, well-monitored environment will give you peace of mind.

Restricted Access

Another added layer of security is restricted public access. Restricted access enhances privacy and confidentiality, and further reduces the risk of art being compromised. These highly secure storage facilities allow for private viewing of your art without allowing the public to see the pieces being stored.

Insurance Compliant

Insurance requires the storing of fine art to meet certain standards and requirements. Storage facilities that comply with these standards prevent you from having to worry about a lapse in insurance coverage. Insurance compliant facilities provide the conditions needed to adequately protect your art.

Shipping and Delivery Are Included

Shipping and delivery typically come included in the storage package. Specifically, professionals will inspect, pack and transport your items to the storage facility and then re-install your items when storage is no longer needed. Professional shipping and moving guarantees that your precious items will not be damaged on the way to the storage facility.

Overall, fine art storage provides climate controlled environments, continuous monitoring with restricted access, and shipping and delivery. An insurance compliant facility can offer optimal protection and maintenance. For more information visit Art Pack.

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