Consider Vision and Hearing Specialty Vehicles for your Business

by | May 21, 2014 | Travel

If you work as an optometrist or a hearing specialist, then you probably want to help people with their hearing and vision. If you haven’t already, you may consider some specialty vehicles that can help with vision and hearing screenings and problems. These vans or trucks make you more able to help people with their vision and hearing, and many times, these people are children.

Hearing Screenings

All babies should be screened for potential hearing problems and more than 30 states in the United States require this type of screening before the baby even leaves the hospital. This shows how important hearing screens can be. If you live in a state that doesn’t require screenings, then by the age of three months, the baby should be screened.

If there are hearing problems, it is important to learn about them quickly so that treatment can be given. Many of these problems can be cured or at least fixed quickly and efficiently, but if they aren’t taken care of properly in a timely manner, it could cause more problems for your baby later in life.

Regular screenings for hearing problems are important because there are many things babies and young children hear that could be dangerous. For example, loud noises, head trauma, ear infections and medication damage could all cause hearing loss or problems. Also, having excessive amounts of ear wax can cause problems, along with young children putting foreign objects in their ears, such as beads could cause problems.

Older children should also be checked regularly, as many teens and young adults enjoy blaring their music. Having specialty vehicles that can go almost anywhere, such as schools and daycares, can help the community.

Vision Screenings

Vision problems can happen anytime. In some cases, it may be so gradual that the patient doesn’t even realize there is a problem. Many school-age children get vision problems that can easily be corrected by the use of contacts or glasses. This is most often noticed when children sit far away from the blackboard and realize they can’t see.

The most common vision problem in children between the ages of six and adolescence is nearsightedness. With this problem, kids can’t see objects that are far away very easily. Therefore, it is important to test these kids and others for vision problems. It could save someone’s hearing or eyesight, and that is definitely a good thing.

Consider purchasing specialty vehicles that will allow you to give vision and hearing screenings, an important thing in today’s community. To learn more, visit Mobile Specialty Vehicles website.

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