Make Your Helicopter Tour a Romantic Adventure

by | May 26, 2014 | Tourism career

If you are looking for a way to spice up your dates, consider scheduling a helicopter tour of New York. There is no better way to see the sites of the ‘city that never sleeps’. You can surprise your date by packing a champagne basket with two glasses and your favorite bottle of bubbly. Your loved one will enjoy being whisked across the Big Apple to see all the famous sites in panoramic views. When you are ready to kick your dating life up to the next level, take your date on a helicopter ride they will never forget.

Champagne Kisses and Scenic Dreams

You will want to make the most of every moment while flying across New York City. Your pilot is there to point out interesting facts as they narrate the trip and give you a bird’s eye view of landmarks that you have never seen before. They can even fly you in close enough that it seems like you could reach out and touch the buildings. Your date is sure to be tickled with the views and feel even more special that you thought to plan such a thoughtful and exciting date.

Schedule NYC Tours during the Day or Evening

If you really want to be more romantic, consider scheduling a helicopter tour during the evening. You can experience the sunset from the air that most people may never see. Sharing this with someone special only makes the moment that much sweeter. Hold hands and enjoy a glass of champagne while you safely fly across New York City inside a comfortable and spacious helicopter cabin. Enjoy the moment as long as you can and cuddle your way into the night. If you choose a night flight you will get to see the city illuminated with brilliant lights that make the skyline come to life.

Include Dinner and Dancing

Once you have experienced a helicopter tour of NYC, you will feel like you are walking on air. Take advantage of the giddy feeling you have after a spectacular flight and take your date to dinner. While you wine and dine you can relay all of the remarkable sites you saw, and share the memories all over again. There is no better way to make a good impression than showing your loved one you care enough to take them on a one of a kind date.

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