How a Moving Company in Memphis Can Facilitate a Move

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving and Storage Service

Those who have families with children or the elderly, and a household full of furniture, toys and other items, should seriously think about using a professional moving company for their next move. Using a moving company is a different experience than moving oneself and there are some important move considerations to make.

Getting Ready
The first thing to do is to hire the moving company. Memphis has many reliable and responsible companies whose services get booked early. Being left without a mover and no way to change the date of the move can lead to a stressful experience.

The next step is to reduce the amount of one’s possessions that can be moved. This can be done by means of a garage sale or going to a thrift store to give away what could not be sold. The latter can be considered donations so receipts should be kept for tax purposes.

Many moving companies are full-service and can do all the packing of your items for you. This enables them to stand behind their work so that if something breaks, they know it is their responsibility and they will provide property protection for reimbursement of damaged goods.

A list should be made of things to have in the car while driving to the new home. This can include food and drinks, or even games so the children can be entertained. Additionally, if the location of the new home requires an overnight stay or two at a hotel, plan the trip and make reservations in advance. This may not always guarantee the best prices but will provide peace of mind that at the end of a long day you and your family have a place to sleep.

Moving Day
Depending on the Memphis moving company and how they plan and manage the move, someone needs to be at the new home who can direct traffic for the movers. This person needs to be able to tell the mover what bedroom set goes in which bedroom, what box goes in what room, and be able to keep the children out of the way.

The primary advantage of using a professional moving company is the time it gives you back to focus on the numerous other things that need to be taken care of when moving. Although the time is now to start a new life in a new home, neighborhood and community, leaving a current home and community can be difficult. Having time to prepare for the adjustment can help you mentally and emotionally.

The Must List