Making The Most Of Overnight Charters USVI & BVI

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Travel

With overnight charters of two or more days, seeing the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the U.S Virgin Islands has never been easier or more luxurious. With the many beautiful beaches, parks, historical locations and events that are scattered across the islands, having your own yacht and highly skilled crew turns a wonderful vacation into a truly remarkable stay.

There are some important factors to consider with overnight charters in the USVI & BVI. By choosing a top yacht charter company and planning your time on the boat, you can get to everywhere on the islands with ease and in a logical fashion. The company can work with you to develop a route that ensures you see what you want to see and also take in some of the local attractions you may not have considered.

Suggestions and Ideas
When using a local company offering overnight charters in the USVI & BVI, you may find that a standard tour fits perfectly with your needs. These overnight trips will depart from a specific location, often on St. John Island, and then travel to a variety of different locations.

These can include going to other islands such as Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, St. Croix or other islands throughout the BVI or the USVI. For extended tours of several days to a week, you can travel to all the major islands and cities and also take in historical sites, national parks and some of the most spectacular shoreline and ocean views you can imagine.

Remember that a local company will often be able to make suggestions that are unique to your interests. If it is your first time on overnight charters in the USVI & BVI you may want to simply tell the charter company what you are interested in and what you know you want to see, and then let them fill in the details.

Many of the local sites and attractions, including the festivals and cultural events, are difficult to find online, but at top charter company always has the ability to incorporate these events into the tours if you are interested in attending.

Ask for Recommendations
When docking to spend time on the beach or going into a city or town in either the USVI or the BVI, it is a good idea to talk to the crew about ideas of where to eat, what to see and where to be sure to go.

The most common tourist sites are always well marked and easy to find on the islands, and you will find local residents are very happy to help you to get to the spot you are looking for.

Some of the attractions do charge a small entrance fee, and your crew should be able to provide you with information about the rates if you want to know before you arrive. Most take credit/debit cards and cash, but it is always good to check before leaving areas where you can access ATMs or banks.

There are some amazing restaurants and bars on the beaches, and again your crew can be instrumental in helping you to narrow down your choices. It is typically going to be a case of having too many choices rather than too few. However, if you have specific dietary needs or if you want to try a local specialty of the Caribbean getting a recommendation is always the best option.

Spending Time on the Water
One of the great things about overnight charters in the USVI & BVI is that you have the flexibility to set your own schedule. If you are with others on the stay it is important to have a general itinerary, but if it is just your party on the yacht the crew can accommodate last minute changes and how long you want to spend in different locations.

It is also very relaxing and a lot of fun to spend some time on the water off the islands. Your yacht can anchor in a cove and allow you to be out on the ocean in your own ocean playground. Top yacht companies will provide water loungers, stand up paddle boats and sun pads so you can enjoy the water and the beautiful weather right from your yacht. This is an amazing time and very different than just being on a beach.

You can also tour along some of the most breathtaking coastlines and visit cays that are home to nesting seabirds, sea turtles, and a wide range of other marine animals. From the yacht you can swim, snorkel and dive along natural coral reefs and swim with schools of brightly colored tropical fish.

On the yacht, and as part of the all-inclusive price, you will be provided with meals, beverages and snacks as outlined in the contract. If you have special requests for food just be sure to talk to the company in advance so they can have the gallery stocked with just what you want to have on board.

Many charters offer amazing food and beverages, and they may even have onboard grills that allow you to enjoy wonderful fresh fish and seafood cooked very traditionally for this part of the world.

Passports Required
If you are an American traveling to the U.S Virgin Islands, you will not need a passport, but you will if you want to cross into the British Virgin Islands. You will also need your passport to return to the USVI, even if you are traveling on a charter yacht. The same is true for British citizens visiting the BVI and traveling to the USVI.

Citizens from other countries will need passports for both the BVI and USVI. It is really a very good idea to just have your passport with you as this gives you maximum freedom to travel on the charter and to take in special events, activities and see the sites on both sets of islands without any concerns.

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