Four Things to Know About Touring on Buses in Lancaster PA

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Travel

Taking a tour in a new city can ensure people see the best sights. Not every tour is made the same though. Buses in Lancaster PA take tourists on a variety of tours, depending on the package they selected. Before heading out, there are four things riders need to know about these arrangements.

Multiple Tour Types

Not every type of tour will work for everyone. Some tours are one day only while others can last a few days or more. There are even tours that take people to certain destinations only, such as a sports tour that takes passengers to the game events going on that day. Tourists need to select their tour type carefully to ensure they will enjoy the experience.

Tour Escort

Passengers will not be left to roam around the city on their own. A tour escort accompanies tourists so they can always remain informed on where they are at and which places are best to visit. The escort also keeps a full itinerary of the locations to visit throughout the day.

Restaurants are Pre-Selected

Tourists hoping to venture out on their own to find a restaurant may be disappointed. The restaurants are pre-selected and planned into the tour. Each person on the tour bus will be taken to the same restaurants for their meals. This is a good thing for many, as the restaurants chosen are often the best in the city, and offer numerous options so each person can find something they enjoy.

Bus Amenities

People wondering whether or not the bus will be uncomfortable can rest assured that they will experience a comfortable ride. The bus comes with multiple amenities to enjoy. Each seat reclines and the windows have shades to keep the sun out. There is even a mini movie theater on board so passengers can enjoy a movie while heading to a far destination.

Buses in Lancaster PA provide numerous amenities for an enjoyable tour. With restaurants pre-selected and a tour escort, passengers will experience the best the city has to offer. There are even multiple tour types so everyone can choose the best fit for them and see the sights they want. Tourists looking to experience a tour can speak to Conestoga Tours to find their next available tour dates.

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