Many Jackson Moving Companies Can Handle Both Residential and Commercial Relocations

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Moving and Storage Service

The services provided by well-established and experienced moving companies will often comprise not only the residential market, but also the commercial. The activity of moving or ‘relocating’ to a new location is a very common activity in both markets. Thousands of homeowners or first-time homebuyers relocate every year due to job related reasons or other life circumstances. Companies often relocate to better locations to begin a new phase of business opportunity.

Regardless of your specific need, there are a variety of services offered by these moving companies. Jackson relocation experts can effectively serve your moving needs by the application of these services.

Residential Relocations
Residential moves, although possibly less complex than business and corporate office moves, can still comprise the need for a lot of planning, management and coordination. This is why a moving company that provides comprehensive project management services is important. Especially with large-sized residential moves, project management ensures that everything is being coordinated efficiently regarding timing, correct transfer of items and location.

Packing and unpacking are other services provided by professional, experienced movers. Although some customers prefer to handle these activities themselves, it sure does take a load off to have professionals also handle these time-consuming tasks on the bookends of your relocation.

Some additional residential relocation services offered may include decluttering, staging, storage, move tracking and closing assistance.

Commercial Relocations
Commercial relocations can range from moving a small office across town to transporting an entire corporate division across the country. As well international business relocations can involve even more coordination and tasks.

There are a number of useful services offered by commercial moving companies. Jackson commercial office movers can handle the secure transport of files and records, floor plan design, tear down and build out of modular furniture, electronics hook-up, post-move cleanup and more. Finding a company you can trust with handling all of your important equipment is important.

In the end you want to have as smooth a transition as possible when moving from point A to point B. For homeowners, they want to get settled in as quickly as possible with preferably zero incidents or accidents. For businesses, they want to make a timely and efficient transition to the new location that enables employees to begin working productively as quickly as possible.

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