Reasons to Choose a GMC Van Rental in New York, NY for That Next Move

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Car Rentals

Although there are many reasons readers might want to rent a van in New York City, the most common of them is facilitating small-scale moves. Cargo vans offer a perfect option for those who are moving to new apartments or taking furniture to a storage unit. Local residents can read on to find out about the benefits of looking into a Gmc Van Rental in New York NY to facilitate a move instead of renting a full-scale box truck.

Easier Parking

Parking can be a real nightmare in the city, especially when larger vehicles are involved. Cargo vans typically fit in average parking spaces, which makes it much easier to handle loading and unloading. It’s much easier to parallel park a van than a full-size truck, so those people who really don’t need an entire box truck to accommodate their furniture and belongings can often get away with using a van rental and driving it themselves instead of paying a moving service to help with the move.

Height Restrictions

Readers who live in apartment buildings often have below-ground parking, which will be completely inaccessible to box trucks. Cargo vans, on the other hand, are usually short enough to fit into parking garages. It’s still a good idea to double-check height restrictions, of course, but a van will be much less likely to cause trouble than a full-sized truck.

Lower Price

Renting a box truck is expensive even when the renter doesn’t hire a moving company to drive it, and the reality is that most readers likely can’t safely drive their own trucks anyway. In comparison to hiring a moving company or even renting a full-size truck, a Gmc Van Rental in New York NY is very affordable. The chances are it will also be more fuel efficient, which offers readers yet another way to save.

Plenty of Space

It’s perfectly possible to fit full-sized mattresses, couches, and other large furniture items in the cargo vans offered by C.C. Rental. It’s a good idea to measure extremely large furniture in advance, but the vast majority of items found in the average New York apartment can be easily loaded into a van. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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