Steps to Take When Hiring a Mover in CT

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Moving and Storage Service

Whether a person has found a new job or just wants to start a new chapter in his or her life, there are many reasons people choose to hire a Mover in CT. Whatever the reason for a move, most people have a lot of stuff that needs to go along with them. It can be a logistical challenge to move, and it can also be expensive.

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Lighten the Load

Will that rickety old bookcase make the trip? Does that rusty barbecue grill need to come along for the ride? A cross-country move can be a great reason to get rid of clutter that’s been accumulating. If a homeowner has the patience and the time, they can hold a garage sale, using the cash to buy accessories for the new home.

Take an Inventory

Keeping things organized during the move can help people avoid many of the mishaps that come with moving. Customers will have a better estimate of the number of boxes they’ll need, and they’ll have an easier time finding what’s missing when it’s time to unpack.

Setting a Budget

According to current estimates, a cross-country move for an average size home will cost about $8000. Moving companies often give discounts during their off season, and it can’t hurt to ask. However, there are other ways to cut costs; the family can handle the packing chores while hiring a Mover in CT for the heavy lifting.

Pack it Tightly

Moving companies charge per box, not by the pound-; so it makes sense to pack boxes as tightly as possible. However, care should still be taken with breakables and valuable items such as electronics.

Make it Fun

En route to the new destination, try to stop by a place or two the family has always wanted to visit. If the move is by car, national and state parks are a great way to see the sights and get some fresh air. If the family is relocating by plane, use a long layover to check out a new city.

Take Some Time

After inventory, budget setting, packing, and planning, things can still derail a good plan. The longer the distance, the greater the chance of delays. Allow enough extra time and money so that bumps in the road don’t completely ruin the move. If things go smoothly, there’ll be time to relax at the destination.

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