All About The Simpsons Land at Universal Studios Hollywood™

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Travel

The Simpsons has been a hit cartoon for almost thirty years. It’s only fitting that this popular show gets its own section of Universal Studios Hollywood™. Lovers of the television show will delight in this area of the theme park. The Simpsons Land is also known as Springfield, the name of the town where the family lives in the show. This area of the park is only a few years old. It opened in 2015, branching off the success of The Simpsons Ride.

Meet the Characters
Walking the streets of Springfield, you’ll find the characters you’ve gotten to know on the show. Sightings of the namesake family members have been reported – Marge, Homer, Lisa, and Bart. Guests can also meet Krusty the clown and Sideshow Bob for a photo and signature.

The Simpsons Ride
The main ride in this area of Universal Studios Hollywood™ is The Simpsons Ride. It is a simulator ride that takes you on a journey through Krustyland, the theme park shown in the television series. It is not particularly scary, but does have a height restriction for those shorter than forty inches tall. It’s recommended to try this ride before trying all of the food and drink that are available in The Simpsons Land.

Shop like the Simpsons
The Simpsons Land is a replica of Springfield as seen on the show. This means it includes a Kwik-E-Mart! Here, guests can buy the signature giant pink donut with sprinkles as seen on the show. Also available are Duff beers, Squishees, and a host of other Simpsons merchandise.

Eat like the Simpsons
Avid viewers of the show have probably wondered at least once how good those Krusty Burgers are. Now, you can try them! The Simpsons Land includes a Krusty Burger restaurant just like on television. The town also has a Lard Lad, the famous donut shop, with several delicious flavors to try. Rumor has it that the donuts sell out quickly, so go there first if it’s a must-do on your list. Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlour is also featured in The Simpsons Land. Loosen your belts and dig in!

Imbibe like the Simpsons
Guests aged twenty-one and up can’t go to the Simpsons Land without trying a Duff beer, right? The park has a Duff Brewery and Moe’s Tavern to immerse yourself in the show. You can even take home a souvenir can of Duff beer.

If your family watches The Simpsons, a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood™ would not be complete without spending time in The Simpsons Land. The area features treats, games and rides for all ages. Check out some Universal Studios Hollywood™ family tickets for deals to see this land and others!

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