Event tour – An important part of French Tourism

by | Jul 9, 2010 | Tours

Event Tour

Event Tour

Event tourism or event tour is an integral part of the tourism industry. Many tourists time their visit to coincide with the festival of the holiday destination. This particular aspect benefits both, the tourists as well as the country’s economy. France is one of the many countries that are known for the various festivals and events celebrated throughout the year. The term ‘event tour’ aptly suits this country’s tourism sector as many tourists visit France to participate in these events.

Following are some of the renowned French events that are immensely popular among the locals as well as tourists:

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival can without doubt be hailed as one of the most exciting events in the world. Specially conducted to celebrate World Cinema, the Cannes Film Festival is known to draw cinema enthusiasts year after year. If you are planning to tour France then ensure that you time your visit to coincide with the Cannes Film Festival. Besides getting a chance to watch movies from all across the globe, you can also get a chance to watch your favorite celebrities walk on the red carpet. You can actually take their autographs and click photos along with them. Don’t forget to carry your camera along with you.

Tour de France

If you are a cycling enthusiast then you must visit France during the Tour de France. This mega race encompassing around 3,500 kilometers is certainly one of the most popular sporting events of the world. Don’t leave your home or hotel room without your binoculars to enjoy the event to the fullest.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day which is a national French holiday is an event that many tourists look forward to before setting off on a holiday. This event is celebrated on the third Thursday in the month of November.

If you want to enjoy the rich local French culture, start planning for your French event tour today!

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