Find your inner peace with an escape from responsibilities aboard a cruise ship

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Travel

The warm blue ocean, with dolphins and pilot whales frolicking in the waves as a ship breaks through. Tropical birds are singing overhead, the warm sun and gentle breeze is on your face, with new and unique destinations on the horizon. If this sounds like a wonderful scenario, it might be time to contact a travel agent and book your vacation away from everyone else’s ultimate destination. Florida is a great place to be all months of the year, but as a resident of the Sunshine State sometimes you just want to get away from what you know and find adventure in a new country.

Working with travel agents to plan your get-away from Winter Park FL

It’s no secret that Orlando is a hot destination for tens of thousands of people to visit en masse during the summer months, and Winter Park has some unique attractions that draw them in as well. As a resident of this area, maybe it’s time for you to plan your own vacation to a quieter or more romantic spot. Have you considered working with one of the Winter Park areas travel agencies and taking a European river cruise down the Danube River? It boasts the title of longest river in Europe and passes through ten countries including Germany, Italy and Romania. If this isn’t your desire, how about an extremely luxurious tropical cruise aboard one of the world’s most beautiful cruise liners including the Voyager from Regent, the Discoverer from Silversea, or the Serenity from Crystal. If all-inclusive pure luxury is your desire, you can certainly find it aboard one of those breathtaking vessels.

Making your great escape from the Orlando-area crowds

Are you ready to get away from it all? Do you want to visit new cities and sample their local culinary offerings? Perhaps you want to photograph some of their native wildlife or the sights and scenery of Amsterdam? If the answer is yes to any or all of those, you can trust Great Escapes Travel to get you on your way to unique and exotic tropical destinations all over the world. It’s your job to decide where you want to go, it’s their job to get you there and make sure the trip and everything you do is worth remembering and cherishing for many years to come!

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