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by | Nov 29, 2018 | shopping, Travel

When you first look at it, the wine label can be a bit confusing to someone new to making this purchase. The good news is that many New World wine makers have made it much easier on beginners by actually listing the grape that was used on the label. The Old World wine regions have always relied on the consumer to be familiar with the region to decipher the type of wine that is being offered.

For example, French wine selections list terms such as, “Saint-Emilion,” under the assumption that the consumer knows that the majority of wines offered by Saint-Emilion are Merlot. However, the wine that is produced from Hamptons, will list the grape variety, as well as the region it comes from. As you continue to study and learn more about wine, then you will become much more accustomed to the varieties of wine, as well as the Old World areas that are responsible for producing them.

Another bit of good news is the fact that many of the Old World wine makers are beginning to realize that if they want to compete on a global market, they have to make it easier on the consumer. But even as times change, having the ability to read the wine label will continue to be a valuable skill.

Purchasing Wine

Today’s modern world makes it easier than ever to find unique types of wine. If you want a type of wine that is not available in the local wine shop, then you can easily find it from an online retailer. However, if you decide to purchase wine online, you need to keep up to date with the various shipping laws in between different states. There are some states that do not allow wine to be shipped in, while others have more relaxed guidelines.

Prior to investing in an entire wine collection, you will need to learn about your palate by taking all the opportunities that are presented to you to find out what you like. For example, when you are eating out with friends, or at an event, be sure that you are open minded. The fact is that there is no better way to learn about the wines you enjoy then trying out everything you can. Another way to discover a number of different wines is to embark on Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors, where you will have the opportunity to experience all types and flavors of wines. Visit the website at Townecellarswines.com

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