The Best Time to Visit with the Cheapest Flight to Sydney

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Tours

The summer season in Sydney, which runs from December through March, is one of the best times for families to travel to the area, especially when traveling from London to Sydney. During this time, there are a number of festivals and other events that make it a great time for holidays from the colder climates. When you can find the cheapest flight to Sydney during this time, you can plan to spend some time at one of these events.

Hobart Yacht Race

Whether you enjoy boats or you want to experience something a little different, the Hobart Yacht Race takes place on Boxing Day, allowing you to enjoy the festivities after Christmas. This world-class yacht race takes place in the Sydney Harbor, showcasing some of the best sailing yachts from around the world.

Sydney Festival

If you find the cheapest flight to Sydney in January, you can enjoy the country’s largest festival, the Sydney Festival. This cultural event features acts from all over the world, including rap from the United States, contemporary dances, a circus, Russian theatre and indigenous art showcases. Families will be able to find something that will please everyone.

Chinese New Year

Because Sydney is in close proximity to China, they also celebrate the Chinese New Year in style. Featuring historic tours, as well as many of the ancient Chinese traditions, such as a dragon dance, fireworks and other cultural displays, this celebration can be a special treat.

Greek Festival

Visiting Sydney near the end of the summer season in March will allow you to experience the cultural influence of the Greek Festival. This ancient culture of people is celebrated through performances that reflect upon the Greek lifestyle, their legacy and their culture.

Tamworth Country Music Festival

Families who enjoy country music will love the Tamworth Country Music Festival. This festival showcases the country music that is native to Australia, bringing in country performers from all over the country.

If you are looking to enjoy some of the various festivals and other events that take place during the summer months in Sydney, finding a cheap flight to Sydney gives you the best opportunity to take the trip. From a yacht race to a variety of festivals to a celebration of the Chinese New Year, the whole country seems to be celebrating the entire summer season, from December through March. No matter when you choose to go, there is always something going on.

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