5 Ways to Survive Your First Solo Trip Abroad

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Travel

You’ve packed your bags, and you’re ready to go. But before you do, here are a few tips you’ll want to heed especially if you’re female and you’re traveling solo.

Do your homework

Don’t go to a country without doing proper research, Forbes cautions. Know their customs and local traditions. Reading books on solo women’s travel guide can help you get a better handle on how to dress and behave. That way, you won’t risk offending anyone or drawing undue attention to yourself.

Pick the right accommodations

Don’t be taken in by cheap accommodation rates. Check out the location to see if it’s central to all the must-see sights on your list. If it’s too far out of the center of town, then you may spend a lot on transportation costs. If that’s all right with you, then go right ahead. However, if you want to be in the center of things, then double-check the location.

Read reviews

Don’t forget to read reviews of the hotel. Getting a cheap room may not be worth the trade-off if you’ll end up in a room with a busted AC in a shady part of town.

Use Google Maps

Lost? No worries. Rent yourself a portable Wi-Fi and use google maps to find your way around the city. It’s a pretty accurate way to check if you’re nearly there or if you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. Hopeless with maps? Ask the locals. Do it with a smile.

Immerse yourself

Know as much information as you can. Check out books on solo women’s travel guide to learn all about the festivals and upcoming activities in the country or city you’re set to visit. By knowing in advance, you can pick dates that coincide with the local festivities. That should give you an incredible opportunity to participate and immerse yourself in the local culture.

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