Tourism career – a Good Career Option

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Tourism Career

Tourism Career

In the past few years, the travel and tourism industry has witnessed immense growth. Due to this, the career prospects in the travel and tourism industry have also grown immensely. With the increasing number of people opting for tour packages, there is a great scope of career in the travel and tourism industry.

Different options in tourism career

Travel agencies:

The travel agency eases travel and other services for people who are travelling for business or vacation purposes. The main job of a travel agent is to provide accurate information on the destination, hotel ratings, the fastest and the most economic modes of transport, foreign exchange and visas. Travel agencies can roughly be divided into 4 departments: accounts, travel, tours and cargo.

Tourism department:

When it comes to tourism department, there are tour guides, counter and reservation staff, tour planners, sales and marketing staff, information assistants, officers in Department of tourism and Directorate. However, officers for Department of tourism and Directorate are selected from civil services. The main job of these officers is to plan and promote tourism.


Railways, air, sea and road are different categories wherein the transport is divided into. For road transport, tourist cars and coaches offer a great scope for self employment in major cities. Drivers having knowledge of different languages and good conversation skills are perfect for the job.


In the travel and tourism industry, hospitalisation plays a crucial role. This is mainly because hotels provide travellers accommodation and food services. Thus, professionals are required for jobs related to housekeeping, front office operations, beverages and food, public relations, accounts and management. A good course in hotel management can help individuals to find an appropriate job in the field.

Besides this, one can also become a tour operator or a holiday consultant. So, if you are looking for a bright future, tourism career has a lot to offer.

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